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Main » 2013 » May » 25 » 7 Ways To Increase Your Mobile Battery Life tips!
7:23 AM
7 Ways To Increase Your Mobile Battery Life tips!
Tip 1: Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
It happens a lot of times that after transferring a file via Bluetooth we forget to switch it off. So when you are not using it for any purpose it is wise to turn off Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and even Infrared on your mobile. These continuously draw power from your battery hence reducing its life.

Tip 2: Decrease brightness of the display
If you have an option to decrease the brightness of the display then choose a level which has medium brightness and not too high. Nokia’s smartphones light sensor helps adjust your display brightness according to the external lighting conditions, so keep it switched on at all times.
Also when running short of battery, do not waste battery by turning on the display for unnecessary purposes. Also when you know you will be away from a power source for a long time, reduce the brightness of the display to minimum.
Another handy tip is that you can reduce the time of back-light duration according to your need.

Tip 3: Disable vibration and ringtones

Vibrating alert is a feature that uses a whole lot of battery life, so disable it when you do not need it. It really sucks up battery life fast so do not use it when short of battery life.
Disabling ringtones in an emergency situation is recommended to save a bit of your battery life. Also use low volumes on the ringtones as the louder the ringtone, the shorter the battery life.

Tip 4: Close unwanted applications
In a smartphone various applications keep running in the background which utilize your phone resources which all use of your battery. So check for any unnecessary applications that might be running and terminate them. Music,videos,GPRS are very demanding on the battery so avoid using them when low of battery power.

Tip 5: Turn phone off when no network
When you are in an area where your mobile provider has no network or the place has cellphone jammers installed, switch off the phone. Your cellphone continuously searches for the signal which uses the battery very fast. This is applicable when you walk through long subway or drive in underground tunnels. If your phone has an offline mode, then use it to good effect in such a situation.

Tip 6: Charge and discharge tips
This one is very important in the long run. Many of us tend to charge the battery when it has been used only midway. This is not a healthy for the battery as more charge/discharge cycles on the battery means lower battery life. Charge the battery only when you are low on power. Also it is recommended to fully discharge the battery once a month to ensure its proper functioning.

Tip 7: Battery maintenance tips
It is important to take care of your battery. It is very important to keep your battery away from moisture as it can severely damage your battery. So take care of it in rainy season especially. Also do not bring it near high heat which is harmful for the battery.
When you do not intend to the use the phone for a few days then remove the battery and store it in a cool and dry place. Do not play around with the battery as a shock can render it useless.

These tips can go a long way to help you increase your battery life. Have any other tips? Go ahead and share them with us...
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