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Main » 2013 » May » 24 » Must known shortcut keys in nokia e71!
9:12 PM
Must known shortcut keys in nokia e71!
Here is a long list of must know tips and tricks for the E71. You might already know a few but if you are new to S60 and the E71in particular.

STICKY FUNCTION KEY- A quick double press on the bottom left 'function' key locks it. This is helpful in situations when you need to press a combination of keys or in applications like Gmail which can be controlled via the keypad.
1-800-WHATEVER- To dial 1-800-WHATEVER: type 1800, hit Fn, then Shift twice, type WHATEVER, and press the Call/Green key to dial. (The idea isto type in the alphabet mode in CAPITAL letters ONLY). The alphabets will automatically be converted to numbers.

ONE TOUCH MUTE- You can simply mute a call by press the button between the volume keys present on the right hand side of the phone. Press it again to cancel the mute.

REMAP THE KEYS- There are times when you feel certain keys on the E71 are being wasted when they could have come in very handy. For example, the volume keys would work wonderfully with the web browser to scroll pages or in your music player and the mute key could work as select.

TIME & DATE- When the phone is in the locked state and the screen is blank, hit the Navi Button to display the time and date in a large font.

TEXT MESSAGES- When in the standby mode, hold down left soft key to read out new text messages.
ASSIGN SHORTCUTS-* If you have a lot of applications installed on your E71, you might want to assign additional shortcuts to different applications by defining a set of keypresses with an application called Cute Keys.

General Shortcut Keys

To get to a symbol or number hold down its key.

Shift+Backspace deletes letters after the cursor, thus imitating the behavior of the 'Delete' key on the computer.

Fn+Ctrl+Cto copy.
Fn+Ctrl+Vto paste.
Shift+Left( orRight) to select text.
Ctrl+Upfor page up.
Ctrl+Down for page down.
Ctrl+Vowels( orn) for accented characters.

T to focus.

Green Call to send the image.
Fn+*for full screen.
Fn+7to zoom in. Press twice for the full screen size.
Fn+4to scroll left while in the zoomed image.
Fn+5to zoom in.
Fn+3to rotate right.
Fn+2to scroll up while in the zoomed image.
Fn+1to rotate left.
Fn+0to zoom out.

Hold*to activate/deactivate Bluetooth.
Hold0to go to the web browser.
Left Soft Key then Fn( or*) locks the keypad.
HoldEnd/Redto disconnect all data connections.
HoldLeft Soft Keyto read out new text messages.

Shift+Return to mark/unmark a single message.
Shift+Down to mark multiple items.
Fn+Spacebar in new message body to access input (predictive text, etc.) options.

Shift to zoom in.
Backspace to zoom out.
Space to go to the current position.

Fn+2for full screen.
Hold Up for fast forward.
Hold Down for rewind.

1for bookmarks.
2to find something on a page.
3to return to the previous page.

5to tab open windows.
*to zoom in.
#to zoom out.
8for page overview.
9to go to a different web page.
0to got to the homepage.
Hit the Backspace key to close the current window.
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